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Product Description

Total Control APP,

Our app is working for both platforms, Android and IOS, both apps are 100% secure and checked on 60minutes basis from attacks and file changes worldwide on all installed devices.

We also provide WhiteLabel software for your organisation with in house hosted-key server, only that will be downloaded from the server.


The only Peer to Peer communication worldwide, for professional users we will also provide web version of our app.

How multilayer encryption works

To make end users sure that their communication can’t be decrypted and listened to, we have applied the following encryption mechanism:

  • 5 different encryption algorithms
  • 3 different key exchange methods
  • Each key is signed with a certificate stored at SD HSM card
  • FIPS compatible algorithms used
  • Algorithm customization for encryption and key exchange

As a result, each data (voice or text) package is encrypted 5 times with different encryption algorithms including one which is preconfigured before system deployment.

Have you ever met any similar solution?

Multi layer protection over 2G, 3G, 4G, WLAN or Satellite

For years CryptoCalls Platform works in 2G (CSD), 2.5G (EDGE), 3G, 3.5G, 4G, WLAN and even with Satellite.

  • multilayer encryption
  • custom and proprietary algorithm included at needed layers
  • HSM card for user authorization and key storage
  • totally encrypted communication protocol that is undistinguished for operators
  • No server mode or “transparent” server – no calls recording, no decryption, only encrypted media routing

Total control: system can work in total isolation, without any global connection

Solution can’t be trusted if it uses public services like APNS, GCM or other globally accessible servers.

Each global connection can act as a backdoor.

As a counterfeit CryptoCalls Platform can work in total isolation, providing connection only through the local network’s access points.

Sure, it is always possible to switch to global connection (2G, 3G, 4G, Satellite). Also, no problems occur in roaming or with low bandwidth.

CryptoCalls Platform is flexible to individual needs and security requirements.

Armed and transparent Backend: No back doors. No data leaks.

CryptoCalls Platform’s Backend acts as a system core providing user registration, entire system monitoring and management, as well as encrypted media traffic routing.

It is equipped with a specially configured Firewall and works transparently what means that all data packages are distributed in an encrypted state.

No decryption. No data storing. And, of course, no backdoors.

User and system management is carried out by a Management Panel which is secured from an unauthorized access and provides:

  • Communication servers launching and monitoring
  • User creation and management
  • Licensing

3-in-1: single app provides encrypted phone calls, messaging and push-to-talk

CryptoCalls Platform provides powerful combination of voice, text and half-duplex (PTT) communication. It converts your phone into the universal tool for the secure communication.


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